Three Women


Think of it like a slumber party, but without the slumber! 

This is the perfect alternative for a bachelorette party, or even as a birthday party, a baby shower, a mother's blessing way, a graduation celebration or simply just for fun. 

Healing doesn't have to be heavy or hard all the time, and this will be the perfect mixture of fun and freedom of expression. 

Stress relieving, peace building, heart opening, love gaining, confidence inducing, intuition setting, space holding. 

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Wanting to build stronger relationships among your employees in the workplace?

Or maybe you are desiring an intimate and relaxed event with some of your closest friends?

Private workshops can be customized to meet your vision by focusing on intentions such as: team building, confidence boosting, strengthening relationships/friendships, releasing imposter syndrome, reducing stress, gaining self-love and appreciation, group and individual healing tools and techniques, etc. 

Based on your vision, Reagan will curate practices and activities to foster and support that.

Practices that may be included: body code or emotion code energy clearing, journaling, EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping, meditation/visualization, gentle movement or yoga, breath work, mediation for the purpose of conflict resolution, reframing, etc.

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Selfie at Home


This is for the woman interested in investing in Womb Awakening as a channel and catalyst for deep healing.

Reframing negative and limiting beliefs. Addressing trauma & triggers. Deconstructing false and harmful ideologies around being a woman, being a sexual being, sexuality, sensuality, self-expression, menstruation, etc. Practices and exercises to foster connection and deep appreciation, love and pride of your womanhood, your body, and ultimately yourself as a divine being.

Womb Awakening will be a high proximity and richly intimate program: 4 months of weekly 1:1 calls with me, a monthly call with me and no more than 5 other women within. A private Facebook group to share your experiences, gain support and encouragement during this healing process and ask questions and offer your insights and breakthroughs.

Entry by application only.

Book a discovery call with me and bring your questions, any and all of them, and let’s see if this program is a fit for you ♥️