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Up Close and Personal


My Name is Reagan Rios. 

I am a kinesiologist, healing event facilitator, women's empowerment coach, and a proud woman, wife and mother.


I'd spent years searching for the right answer, the right way to be, always looking outside of myself. And until recently I was convinced I just wasn't ready for the answer, or I just wasn't looking in the right places or listening to the right people. 

What I've learned is that the answers have always been inside of me. I have always been the right person to do and be what I am destined for. I was right in not being ready for the answer back then. I was so hyper-focused on getting my next certification, or degree, that I lost site and sound of my true self. My life became too noisy. 

After a long roller coaster with an un-regulated nervous system, I chose to do something radical: REST. 

Who would have ever thought that taking a break would be considered so crazy, right?!

I took a break from work, from books, from podcasts, from coaches and courses and classes and certification programs. 

Allowing my mind and my body to feel what it felt like to only listen to myself again. And it was freeing. Now I know what it takes to build that trust with myself. Now I know what I sound like. And damn do I like the sound of my own voice, hah!

My hope for you is that you'll find within my offerings, something that sparks within you, your ability to recognize your divinity and capabilities. Ultimately I desire for you to be inspired and influenced to reframe your thinking and mindset towards yourself and love the heck out of yourself! 

Whether you learn that through energy healing, one of my podcast episodes, or just by reaching out and hopping on a call to have a quick chat and get some clarity, I'm honored you would trust me to join you on your healing journey. 

If you're feeling ready to make some big and little shifts in your life, and want my individual support in doing so, I'd love to be there for you. I invite you to reach out in a way that feels comfortable for you, whether that's via email, scheduling a call, or connecting over Facebook or Instagram. 

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