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I’m a skeptic. I wanted to give this a try to support a friend. I’ve been diagnosed with a bladder issue that my urologist said couldn’t be fixed without surgery. I’m only 27. Been on medication for this condition but medication failed after a year of taking it. (I was counseled that that is common.) I felt defeated. Surgery for my bladder would only last 10 years at best and then I’d have to repeat it. I had just given up and decided I’d have to wear liners to protect from leakage all day everyday. During my third session with Reagan I discussed my bladder issues. She worked out all the emotions and literally set me free from my bladder elements! I have not had an accident or leakage since October 16, 2020.

This is a judgment free zone full of love and light. Don’t hesitate to experience this alternative healing method!

Kelsy C.

I had an amazing experience with the Body Code! Reagan was so nice, compassionate, thorough and always answered every question I had. The most significant result I experienced was a rash clearing up! I had struggled with it on and off for years and multiple Doctors didn’t know what it was or how to treat it effectively. I am thrilled to say that it is gone after the sessions I had with Reagan!! She was able to find the underlying/root issue and successfully cleared it! 🤗 I found the Body code sessions to be fascinating and definitely felt better afterwards! I highly recommend Reagan to anyone interested in what Body Code has to offer! She is great!! 💖😊

Jill Y.

I woke earlier than usual one morning with the following symptoms and couldn't go back to sleep, feeling as if I needed to get up to immediately report them to my doctor. I wrote them down to make sure I gave him a full report: "Puffy eyeballs, chest pressure, anxiety, tension, and nervousness centered in my breastplate, twinges of nausea and tension headaches for the last 3 days, tingling in arms, slight burning sensation in my scalp, indigestion and heartburn unrelated to food."

My father had a long history of heart disease, so what I knew from that led me to believe that after describing these symptoms to my doctor, I'd be instructed to immediately go to the emergency room for a possible heart attack -- which I very much wanted to do in advance of having one, not after. Better safe than sorry, I figured.

But before doing that, I shared my symptoms with my wife and with Reagan, who dropped whatever she was doing to lead me through an energy healing session. All I know and can report is the end result: the symptoms went away, they haven't come back, and I've had peace of mind about what I'd experienced ever since. The proof, it seems, entirely understandable or not, is in the results.  


I´m studying to become a certified Emotion Code practitioner. I had couple of really difficult issues which had bothered me for years. I asked for help from Reagan and she agreed to help me. Treatment was really strong and worked! After a couple days my illness was gone and my heart was so open after the session. And lot of good things have happened to me after Reagan´s treatment. I´m so glad that I had this session. Thank you so much for this!

Matias H.

I gravitated towards Reagan’s pure energy after she posted in a group. I felt comfortable sharing with her what my struggles were and she sincerely understood and gave encouragement off the bat. Her clearings were accurate and I can definitely feel a change. I’ve been treating my body better and my brain fog about doing that has released :) she definitely has a divine gift in the Emotion Code and Body code 💓 Thank you Reagan!!


I got a new puppy who was not sleeping well at all. Reagan was able to do one session on her and she's been sleeping through the night! I haven't had to wake up and take her to the bathroom the last two nights, and now she wakes up when I wake up. 

Thank you so much for helping! I love Emotion Code! 


I've been laid off from several different job. This caused trauma, afraid of failure and anxiety. Then after I try The Body Code with Reagan, I started to feel this fear and anxiety gradually lessening and made me feel more confident and courageous to try again. I am grateful and greatly appreciate the opportunity to have had the session and I highly recommend The Body Code session with Reagan.


I went to Reagan hoping for some help with my skin. We recently moved and my back was breaking out with terribly painful, cystic acne. After one session I can already tell a difference, much less pain and fewer breakouts. So so happy! 

**update: After another session my skin completely cleared up on my back. This is so cool! If you give the chance to work on you, you won't regret it! Full body yes to keep doing work with her! 


I have been gong through a really tough breakup and luckily had a package booked with Reagan - she has been my lifeline! She has been so helpful the year that I have been working with her weekly and we've cleared a lot! She has such a clear memory and I love how organized she is about her work. She receives everything from a place of love and non-judgement and I feel so supported by her presence and technique.

The past 48 hours I've been so stressed over heartbreak, barely eating or sleeping, and haven't even been able to get on the phone with Reagan and she's done two remote sessions on me to help me heal. After the second session the differences is night and day. I'm starting to feel like I can breathe again and it's going to be okay. I'm so grateful for her love and support, absolutely recommend booking her for your heart healing. 

Juliette R.

Reagan did an emotion code session with my daughter and I recently and I loved that she explained everything to me and answered all my many questions. She made us feel comfortable and helped us recognize and process the emotions we were holding onto. She was so kind and easy to work with, and she helped me feel more hope and peace. My daughter's night terrors got better for a while also, which was huge for us! I'd highly recommend trying the emotion code with Reagan.

Katie H.

Reagan is super relaxed to work with and makes you comfortable. She has done proxy work on myself, toddler, and my skiddish cat.
I would highly recommend Reagan and her services.

Savannah A.

I've been hearing about the emotion code and energy work for a while, but had never done it before our session. Reagan helped clear out emotions interrupting my digestion and affecting my confidence and it felt so good! Just way more comfy and confident in my own skin -- everyone should try it and see if it impacts them the same way. I love how non-invasive it really is and that Reagan is so kind and non-judgmental about anything that comes up. If you want to heal and live more abundantly to achieve your dreams, you should book in with Reagan and get rid of whatever might be holding you back. I promise you WON'T regret it.

Tiana O.

Reagan is personable, confident, and passionate about what she does, which helps you feel comfortable and excited about it as well! Working with her is easy because she is punctual and communicates really well. Our sessions helped me open up to the idea that I could have had traumatic experiences that maybe I didn't consider traumatic on the outside, but were bundling up on the inside and needing to escape. She helped me release emotions and break down my heart wall that was made of 2 miles thick glass. After our sessions and time to process, my headaches dissipated and my anxiety basically vanished. I would recommend Reagan to anyone and would rebook 100%!

Ree H.

Very helpful, helped with back pains I’ve had for years. Professional and kind. 10/10 recommend.

Alejandro R.

Ever since I have started working with Reagan, my life has improved in many ways I never thought possible. I literally can't thank Reagan enough for everything she has done for me. I am forever grateful and thankful.


Reagan is gifted. So thankful for her attention, time, energy and skill!


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