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This is for the woman interested in investing in Womb Awakening as a channel and catalyst for deep healing.

- Reframing negative and limiting beliefs.

- Addressing trauma & triggers.

- Deconstructing false and harmful ideologies around being a woman, being a sexual being, sexuality, sensuality, self-expression, menstruation, etc.

- Practices and exercises to foster connection and deep appreciation, love and pride of your womanhood, your body, and ultimately yourself as a divine being.

Womb Awakening will be a high proximity and richly intimate program:

- 6 months of 3 - 1:1healing and coaching sessions  

- Voxer or Facebook messenger access to me for support so we can voice note or message back and forth M-F

- A monthly gathering with the other goddess sisters invested and involved.

- A private Facebook group to share your experiences, gain support and encouragement during this healing process and ask questions and offer your insights and breakthroughs.

Not to mention an INCREDIBLY juicy gift box full of personally chosen gems, trinkets, and more to support your and love up on you during our time together! 

Entry by application only. Email me or reach out to me via instagram with questions you may have.

Or let's schedule a time to have a zoom date and chat about your vision and let’s see if this program is a fit for you ♥️


Your womb space is ✨ MAGICAL ✨ 
Do you believe it? 
Do you feel it? 
Have you experienced the energy and creative power that you hold in your very core? 
As a woman I’ve spent years cultivating this relationship between my mind and my body. 

Taking the time to understand my cycle 🩸 and appreciate it! Reprogramming the way I think about my body bleeding and recognize the sheer magnificence that this gift is. 

Taking the time to understand my needs- in nutrition and in relationship. 

And feeling the power of healing from the inside out 💥🌟

I celebrate the times now that I get to understand my womb space more and more and I learn from her. 

That she is capable of wealth & abundance. 

She is capable of sacred and holy rage & also darkness & bitterness. 

She relishes in being cared for and doted on 🌹 through rest, love, orgasms, honor, respect, awe in her power, and deep affection. 

Forgiveness. Compassion. 

Anger. Sadness. Grief. 






If you’re ready to release the patterns and programs around your womb and womanhood, Womb Awakening is for you. 

If you’re ready to accept the darkness & light that co-exist in your creative space, Womb Awakening is for you. 

If you’re ready to embrace your divine femininity & God given sexuality with grace, honor & sacred respect, while also allowing room for juicy, sensual connection & recognition, Womb Awakening is for you. 

If you’re ready to break through blocks and heal from traumas of the past diving deep into the work to move forward in your life with a new strength, sourced from your own divinity and power, Womb Awakening is for you. 

Sister, let’s do this ♥️ join me for the sake for your ancestors, for you, for your legacy! 

You are deserving. 

You are worthy. 

You are worthy. 

You are worthy. 



For the queen looking to rise into her divine feminine through deep connection with her creative center. 

For the dreamer seeking for cleansing and releasing trauma from the womb, in all forms. 

For the woman looking to embrace her divinely given sensuality & sexuality- recognizing that your existence was created by the same source of power and love that created the entire universe. 

For the sister yearning for safety & pleasure in business, relationships, success and more. 


We need more women understanding their unique & personal power. 


Because women are going to change the world. 

And we need you in your power to do so.

How’s that going to happen? 

By you taking the reigns of where your power comes from. 

By you taking the reigns of your femininity through getting to know your womb on a whole other level. 

This is about releasing the the hold that society has placed on you about having a cycle and a womb. 

This is about learning to LOVE your womb and LOVE your moon cycle!

If you’ve been looking for how to connect and express your creativity more, learning how to listen to your womb might be just what you need. 



“I hate being a woman…” 

This was my mantra every single month when I would start my period. 

I didn’t know how to listen to my body and honor her. 

I didn’t know how to track my cycle. 

And I believed that women were “cursed” from the beginning of mankind for “eating the forbidden fruit”. 

Any of this sound familiar? 

Now I absolutely love being a woman! 

I adore my curves and my cycles. 

I adore knowing the power and creativity I hold within my womb and my chakras. 

It’s been years of unlearning and reframing to get my conscious and subconscious mind and heart on board, but dang does I feel good to no longer believe that my womanhood is a curse. 

What a magical thing it is to be a woman ✨🌸😍


You Have To Stop Unconsciously Disconnecting & Ignoring Her.

Why is this important? 

Because the womb space is your creative space. 

When you disconnect from her, you disconnect from your full creative powers. 

When you disconnect from your full creative powers… well what’s your experience been? 

Imagine if you were able to connect with your womb & restore that connection to your creative powers. 

What would your life look like if you fully stepped into your creativity and confidently shared your creations? 

Here are some simple & effective ways to support and foster that desired connection: 

- womb massage

- yoni steams 

- tracking your full cycle, not just the week of your bleeding

- make informed choices about the products you using during menstruation & s€x 

- educate yourself on what foods to eat during different parts of your cycle 

- womb centered meditations

- dancing with a focus on moving your hips and belly 

- meditation & breathwork while placing your hands on your womb space (between the navel & the pubic bone) 

Happy connecting, my loves 💕 💗 

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