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I'm so glad you're here! As a multi-passionate healer I have lots of ways of sharing myself and my talents. Whether it's through 1:1 mentorship or a group program or event, I'm honored to hold space for you as you journey to create the life of your dreams, and find healing along the way.

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Offering Transformational Healing Virtually and in the Central Michigan Region

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I’m a skeptic. I wanted to give this a try to support a friend. I’ve been diagnosed with a bladder issue that my urologist said couldn’t be fixed without surgery. I’m only 27. Been on medication for this condition but medication failed after a year of taking it. (I was counseled that that is common.) I felt defeated. Surgery for my bladder would only last 10 years at best and then I’d have to repeat it. I had just given up and decided I’d have to wear liners to protect from leakage all day everyday. During my third session with Reagan I discussed my bladder issues. She worked out all the emotions and literally set me free from my bladder elements! I have not had an accident or leakage since October 16, 2020.

This is a judgment free zone full of love and light. Don’t hesitate to experience this alternative healing method!

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