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Matriarchal Healing at it's finest...

I had a client tell me today that her favorite part about doing Body Code and Emotion Code work with me is that she doesn't have to do anything. There's no supplement or regimen you *have* to add in, there's no protocol or action-plan, you just get to *BE* in your body, present and witnessing your subconscious mind communicate to you through what comes through via muscle testing.

It got me thinking.. this is the epitome of matriarchal healing. Where you don't have to do anything other than show up and be nurtured. Which idk about you, but I feel WAY more motivated to take care of myself through lifestyle changes when I feel cared for and loved, and so I'm automatically becoming more productive in the patriarchal way just by allowing myself to receive from a matriarchal way of healing. It's balanced and beautiful and it just blows my mind that I have clients from years ago that are still benefitting from our sessions together.

My belief is that this world can experience MASSIVE healing as it gives itself the opportunity to receive healing, rather than just add another check in a box on a to-do list (though I'm definitely not discrediting the power of exercise, supplements, and food as medicine). This is the matriarchal way, and I feel so much pleasure and fullness in my chest as I experience it myself and watch my clients thrive as they experience the healing of allowing themselves to receive as they just BE.

Love you so much. Thanks for reading my random Tuesday thoughts. Happy Healing!

- Reagan 🦋

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